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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: I Know, I Know Love...

I know, I know Love,

Here we are again

With you I just can’t seem to win

But Love, we in this together

No matter what I can’t seem to get away from you

You bring me joy, but shut me down with your views

I can’t understand the demise I have for you

You take me to heights I never knew I could reach

Only to bring me down to my feet

Love, what are you doing to me

I’m addicted to your highs

But I fall quick for your lies

But Love, I love you

I love how you make me feel

I love how you can keep it real

I love the passion I get from you

I love when you love me too

Love, we are a match made in heaven

But you’re toxic sometimes and that’s the part I can’t measure

You are a treasure

I’m either pleased with the outcome

Or trying to find my next place to run

But the truth is I love our love

When everything is good, we make this love fun

But when it’s bad, it’s like what we had didn’t even exist

Love, it’s like a roller coaster with a twist

Why can’t I take our love to higher heights?

To be so wrapped in the high that I stay on cloud nine

I don’t want to come down

I don’t want to drown

I want to be so in love

That it doesn’t break me

I’m tired of the hurt and just want to feel good

Love, I want to be understood

I know what I am asking and I know you are capable of it

So, Love, stop playing games and don’t trip

We have been back and forth for way too long

I am tired of fighting with you and you doing me wrong

Take the responsibility for the actions you caused

Love, I’m not angry but you know you are at fault

The passion, the admiration, and the desire you give off

It all hides behind the real pain that you cause

So, Love, I’m here to make a bargain with you

I want you to understand what I am asking of you

I know tough times are ahead and learning someone new comes with it

But I’m asking that this someone be the one who gets it

I’m tired of being mad at what you bring

Love, I want to be happy and feeling free

So, Love I am asking to be the happiest me

I want to know this love thing is for me

Let’s not bicker back and forth anymore

Let’s work on moving forward

I don’t want to say I once loved, but I want to say I am in love

I know, I know Love…




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