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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: I Want the Fairy Tale Love...

Is this real Love?

I am happy in love

I am wrapped around their finger and it’s because of you Love

He makes me smile

He keeps me laughing

We talk for hours and the conversation never dies down

I am at my happiest

Love, did you finally here my cries

This feels too good to me is this a lie?

I finally feel free and in control

Love, I think I’m on a roll

I’m so excited this time to share my feelings

I want to scream, shout, and yell

The happiness is so real

He takes his time with me

He really likes learning about me

The intimacy takes me to higher heights

We barely even have anything we don’t share in likes

He’s loyal, trusting, and he’s fine

I must be dreaming, he even calls me his Sunshine

He takes me away with his words like a scene from a movie

He is patience and takes time to know me

I am giving my all and not holding back

I am trusting the process and nothing this time lacks

This could be forever and it only took a few trials to get here

I’m sorry Love, for all those angry tears

For once I feel like we are on the same page

Love, I am no longer in rage

From the hurt in the past as that seems to have gone away

I am in love in everyway

We have a deep connection and things just flow

Even when I’m feeling down, he brings me from my low

We connect on a level I never felt before

Love, I want so much more

Of him, because he keeps me lifted

Love, you did good with this one you gifted

His smile, his laugh, and even his serious thoughts

It all keeps me interested in him and I get lost

In his conversation and his dialect

With him it’s more than the sex

The passion, the desire, and the flames from his fire

Keeps me in tuned with his light and never tired

The energy we share is what I desire

I’m scared Love, but I like what I’m seeing

It seems too good, am I dreaming

Love, I’m not trying to take this love for granted

But I want what I want and this is what I demanded

So, thank you Love, I am forever grateful

And for this Love, I am faithful

With this love, I’m hoping for the best thereof

I Want the Fairy Tale, Love…




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