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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: Love, Love, Love...

Love, Love, Love…

You never told me love would feel like this

I am experiencing a new experience

Every waking moment is full of happiness

Love, what is this?

Have we come to the magical place of what you really look like?

No fear, just pure passion and insight

I’m infatuated with how I feel

I am giving my all and this does not feel real

He is entuned with every word I say

He makes my day

We talk like we have known each other for years

This is it Love, no more sad tears

I am overwhelmed with what is happening

I am so excited to see where this is going

I never thought we would get to this point, Love

Love, you have really taken charge and are speaking up

For me, I can’t believe we are here

Love, this is like I am living in a different atmosphere

The wind hits different, the sun shines brighter

And the wave of it all feels a bit lighter

I am floating on the clouds in the sky

And my mind can’t help but to wonder why?

Why did it take so long to find you Love?

Why did I have to go through so much to be here now with you Love?

Did I have to hate you Love to know who you really are?

Were those moments before a test to just see the route I would go or how far?

Why now Love are we finally seeing eye to eye?

What this the path I had to go to get this kind of high?

Whatever it is I ask that it last forever

Love, this is the love I don’t want to leave me never

So, hold on to me Love so we will never part

I want this love to be your masterpiece in this so-called work of art

Take me with this love on journeys that will strengthen our bond

Love, take me with this love beyond the night skies and before dawn

I want to risk it all and feel what love can really do

I want to be unconditionally in love with love through you

I want to know that my heart is not telling a lie

I want to know that this love is mine

Love, give me that reassurance

Don’t let me down Love, I need some type of insurance

To know that I am not going over my head

Falling hard only to be left for dead

I fear these things, because this love I am feeling

It something of a movie scene and not like a real thing

Because you know Love, how we started

The pain was real and unwanted

It made me feel as if I didn’t exist or if I was worthy of this

But now that we are here Love, should I be worried of what’s next

I know what I feel is real and I don’t want it to end

But Love, you give me anxiety with what you give and send

I just want to be happy in love and happy with you Love

I just don’t want to be tainted with how things were before

Love, we are on a path that wants me wanting more

So, Love, lets make this one something we won’t forget

Love, this is the love I am so happy to have met

This is the love I want to continue to think of

Love, Love, Love…




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