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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: I Am Learning Patience, Love...

I Am Learning Patience, Love…

I have been around the block what seems like a million times

I can’t understand how this love continues to shine

Love, I am growing to understand me more through him

I am excited for the love he gives

But through this journey I am learning time

Time for growth, companionship, and what’s mine

I am conquering love like I never have

I am open in love and learning from my past

Love, you are at fault for my journey

But this time I am not hurt I am learning

Learning to accept and choose how I love

Love, we did this and it’s beyond and above

What I ever expected

It’s love and I can respect it

To be so wrapped in this love is beyond measure

It’s looking more like I found my treasure

Of what I always wanted love to be

I am growing in this love for me

Put behind me all the unwanted love I couldn’t believe

This love makes me feel good and free

I am the happiest I could be

And I am learning more importantly about me

It’s like he teaches me how to open my eyes to view things differently

He is patient with me

He is the ideal of what I thought love should be

Love, he shows me how much he loves me

We are synced in ways I never knew

Love, he makes me love you

The way he smiles at me and uplifts me

He makes it easy for me to want to breathe

I am madly in love with him

Love, we are not facing battles we are in it for the win

I can tell with him this will be forever

I’m not mesmerized in my thoughts I’m living my dreams more than ever

I am not drowning in shame for lack of love

I am fulfilling my wants with more than enough

I am conquering doubt with every message

I am receiving and retrieving my lessons

I am on a mission to conquer this

I am working to sponsor him

For he makes me feel like I am worthy

And where I lacked, he gave me mercy

Love, it’s like I am evolving to know what love really is

I am expressing my love freely without a miss

I am growing in love admired by his kiss

I am wondering how my love deserves this

For I am not the beacon of knowing what love could be

But I am relishing in the moment for me

I am rising to the top, and reaching the skies above

I Am Learning Patience, Love…




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