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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: WTF Love...

WTF Love,

So I know we have had this conversation before

But Love, what is all of this for??

You take to me heights I didn’t think I could reach

Only to knock me down again and I don’t land on my feet

Like what the f-@k Love

Do you not care about me??

I’m drowning in depression from all that you do

When are you going to be on my side and carry me through?

I’m tired of the back and forth, and how you treat me

Love, what’s your agenda because you are not for me

I vow from this day forward not to let you back in

Because Love, with you I will never win

I will never give you so much of me again

You have hurt me to the core and I’m over it

So walk away Love, with no room to return

Because where you left me is where you will burn

I will not allow you Love, to take me through your flames

I will harden my heart and never love again

Your manipulation has made me refocus my life

I am no longer available for your nonsense and lies

Fallback Love, you have no room anymore in my heart

I am no longer here for you to rip me apart.

Take blame or not I’m done with you Love

You are my enemy and I’m not the one, you can play with and think it’s okay

No Love, it’s time you walk away

I can’t stand how you think you can take no fault

It’s all in my head and I’m the one who is lost

Well Love, if you think that way I’m done with you

I have better things in life and I don’t need you

So step away from me we are not friends

This game you playing has come to an end

I take back my heart and I’m keeping it that way

Love, go now you have no place here to stay

I’m wiping the slate clean and moving forward without you

Love, you think you won but I have nothing else to lose

So, here I will stand tall and fight my own battles

Love, your like a snake I can hear your rattle

You never took care of me and left me out to dry

Well Love, this is where I say goodbye

No more hoping, wishing, or thinking you care

Love you left me in despair

I will not cry for you

I will not try for you

I will not let you in to hurt me anymore

I will get over you and even the score

So walk away Love, you don’t belong here

My heart is broken and without tears

My deepest sympathy to what we once was

What the f-@k love???




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