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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: Hey Love...

Hey Love, So here we are again, Love, hey friend Okay I know my last letter was not so nice But you should understand why What good am I without the love of my father I mean there is no one to teach me how men love so why bother But this is why I’m writing again I think I found love and he’s not just a friend I want to open up and give him all your love But I’m scared because what if he’s not the one So Love, I’m leaning on you for the answer I’m a wreck when I don’t have you to banter Love this is your chance to make things right Lead the way and show me the light I want to love hard and forever I want to replace the love I thought wouldn’t leave me never But you did and now I’m begging for that chance to make this one right Don’t make me hate you Love, I can’t win that fight Let me know that what I’m feeling is always felt in return I want our fire to never lose the burn I want to be wrapped in his arms for an eternity I want him to say the words marry me He’s feeling like the one and I’m all in tuned I’m desperate Love, I’m feeling the blues Of replacing the love you once made me lose I don’t want this one to run away like you know who But my fear of not knowing what to do is stopping me Because Love, the love I thought wouldn’t leave did and now here I am again I’m not even sure if I should be confiding in you But Love, I guess I’m just trying to walk a mile in your shoes With no guidance or path to see it through I’m hoping this time Love, it’s a bond between me and you I know, I know I was so upset last time But this is me giving you advice on how to handle me this time If we can work together we can make this one right Don’t leave me hanging give me the insight That I need to make sure this one sticks around Love, I’m just asking for this love to not bring me down I want to feel the emptiness in my heart melt away I want this love to want to stay Because I believe I shouldn’t have to feel this pain Love, I want to feel the sunshine and not the rain So Love, I ask don’t let this love be in vein My heart is just trying to love again through the pain… Sincerely, MsNikk


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