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Poetry Grind Entertainment Presents: Dear Love...

Dear Love,

You failed me. At a young age I trusted in you to guide me through

I believed in your presence in my life and I put my faith in you

From the beginning you gave me hope and protection

I was in good hands and love you were a blessing

I found comfort around you and happiness

Life without you didn’t seem to exist

I was confident and proud to have you by my side

I was in lust to your beautiful lies

I wrapped my arms around what I thought was all mine

Even in my childish mind I was betrayed by your demise

It didn’t take long for me to see your real true colors

The hurt you caused in my heart made me tremble over words with a stutter

To love so freely was now becoming a fear

Because I was learning what it felt like to cry real tears

That unconditional love that I once trusted

Was now feeling more like broken glass from the windows that you busted

And when you even tried to secure my trust again, I hesitated

Too broken from the perfect love, I thought was forever I was tainted

Born into the lies of what I thought love would be like

Love melted my only vision with its spite

The loneliness, heartache, and the misunderstanding

Became too much for me and more so demanding

I would never understand why you chose to hurt me

Was I not good enough, or did I become your enemy

Even so young in age the pain was insight

Nothing to this day still doesn’t feel right

To lose someone so precious to my growth

I vowed to never be so free in love again, I took an oath

You took the only love that matter the most

No more goodnights, no more fun times, no more feeling whole

To see him walk out those doors

The blood stains on my heart of knowing he didn’t love us no more

He didn’t care that we struggled when he was gone

He didn’t care that we thought we were the ones in the wrong

He didn’t show up to anymore birthdays, holidays, or special occasions

He just left with no explanation

To a child that pain is unbearable to even imagine

To feel like the love, you gave to him must have been stagnant

For him to leave with no other communication

Love you must have hated me to plan this type of vacation

Wanderlust to the world and jealous of any attractions

Love I really don’t understand your actions

You wrecked my whole illusion of you

I tried hard to understand the confusion of you

I was raped from the experience of what I thought love could be

Love you were becoming my worst enemy

How could you let so much pain run through me

I could never understand how love ruined me

I was masqueraded in the presence of my own thoughts

Faking to make it, because love had me lost

To scared to be vulnerable again to someone’s lies

I promised to myself no one else would ever see my cries

Because love you hurt me to my core

And though the bruises maybe gone my heart is still sore




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